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About Sunland Caravans
Sunland Caravans is a family owned and operated Qld business, that has been building quality Caravans suitable for the harsh Australian conditions of for over 10 years. In this time Sunland has built a reputation for being one of the best off road caravans on the market.
At Sunland Caravans we do it a little different to the rest, with 40+ staff members we manufacture many of the components that make up the caravan including the chassis, cabinetry, upholstery and many other exclusive components. We don’t just buy all the components and simply assemble a Caravan.
Industry leading technology, high quality equipment, excellent finishes, outstanding warranty, unmatched value for money and exceptional after sales service are just some of the reasons why many caravaner choose to buy a Sunland Caravan. If you do the research and look past the sales gimmicks chances are you too will agree that Sunland Caravans are without equal.
Since the beginning the goal at Sunland Caravans has been to supply the Australian Caravan market with a high quality product that suitable for the harsh Australian conditions.
We spoke to many caravan owners and listened to their requirements. It was then we knew the vans not only had to be strong but also had to have a high level of equipment, large carrying capacity, light enough to be towed by a regular 4×4 and priced to represent extremely good value.
To do this we needed to challenge the “norm” and question how things have been done in our industry and why. Producing products that are innovative, fresh, modern and practical is how Sunland has been able to stay in front of the competition.
Sunland has always adopted the philosophy “Quality Is Simply a Matter of Pride”

Exploring Australia On and Off the Road
The dream of many Australians is to explore our wonderful continent, to visit the places we have all seen on TV but have never had the opportunity to see firsthand. And many Australians choose to do this while towing a Caravan. Sunland Caravans are designed and built with this in mind.

Off Road is a term that is used regularly within our industry and is often interrupted in many different ways. At Sunland Caravans we consider that the most likely potential damage for a full size van in an Off Road situation is from corrugated dirt, broken bitumen or gravel roads, these will shake the Caravan violently and cause untold damage. Sunland Caravans are specifically designed for this purpose.

Building an Off Road Caravan is not as simple as lifting the van, putting chunky tyres on and adding lots of checker plate. It might look Off Road but it’s unlikely to stay that way for long. All Sunland Caravans are built Off Road ,from the Independent Suspension to the Raptor coating stone protection, the fitting of the cabinetry and the absence of excessive plumbing and wiring under the van and the hail proof fibre glass exterior are just some of the things that make our caravans Off Road. We understand that freedom camping demands independent power, large water capacity and a payload so you can carry all the things you need.

We believe your caravan should allow you to go to all the places you have always wanted to visit without the restrictions of staying on the bitumen.

Many owners of Sunland Caravans have travelled popular roads like The Gibb River Rd, Birdsville Track and Strzelecki Track. In fact we have had millions of kilometres of testing.

A testament to the Sunland product is Fred Wright from Caravan & Motorhome on Tour. Fred spent over 2 years using a Sunland Patriot whilst touring the country. On his travels the Sunland Patriot was exposed to the public and under constant scrutiny.

Sunland Caravans are often seen in the popular magazines and lifestyle TV programs. Most recently on What’s Up Down Under. Summer Series. Best of the Best Caravan & RV’s.

Design and Technology
Innovating thinking and Aussie Engineering at its best is what gives Sunland Caravans its cutting edge products. Often challenging existing products in the market place with our designed and purpose built components. Examples of this are the Water Catcher that is built into the rear wall of our vans, the fibre glass sinks that save space and the exclusive shower unit and drain.
With a full time CAD designer and state of the art machinery like our 7mtr long CNC machine, we are able to build products that are exclusive to Sunland Caravans.
The Sunland range has been designed to be practical, lighter and stronger. This allows a much larger payload for water, food, clothes and other items that may be needed on your adventure. Most Sunland models will have 700+kg of payload and can be towed by most popular 4×4 models.
Our internal designs capture the most out of available space by not cluttering the cupboards with our equipment. It’s the different between designing and just building the same mistakes over again.

Through experienced craftsmanship and Aussie engineering at its best, Sunland produce caravans that are capable of going just about anywhere with only the physical size and the tow vehicle being the restriction. Through clever engineering and construction methods Sunland Caravans are not only strong but also light allowing large payloads without needing a truck to tow them.
Unlike most vans on the market that have timber frames and staples or Aluminium C section that is riveted. Sunland vans have their walls and roof constructed from 25mm x 25mm and 25 x 50mm box section Aluminium that is welded. Giving them superior strength and longevity. Cupboards are screwed into place.
The use of Fibre Glass resin core moulded panels for the walls and roof gives maximum protection from the elements and is also hail proof. Fibre glass being stronger than traditional aluminium cladding means there is a lot less chance of damage. However if it is damaged it is considerably easier and cheaper to repair than the Aluminium sides.
The use of composite fibre glass floors in our vans ensures maximum protection from the damaging environment. The composite fibre glass is a fantastic insulator, in conjunction with the 25mm Coolite used in the walls and roof they provide the ultimate level of insulation in the van. Allowing the Air-conditioned and fridge to function correctly. You can sleep cooler in summer or warmer in winter.

Raptor Coating on the lower surfaces of the van help to protect it from damaging stones and debris. Unlike cheque plate the Raptor Coating doesn’t add a significant amount of weight to the caravan and will never need polishing. If it is damaged it can be reapplied over the existing coat without consequence.
The under carriage of our vans are also well protected from stones and debris, with very little plumbing and wiring present.
The water tanks are designed and built exclusively for use on Sunland Caravans. They are neatly positioned between the suspension in the middle of the van. So whether towing with full water tanks or only partially filled tanks the caravan will remain balanced. Made from a 10mm thick poly plastic the water tanks are almost indestructible and don’t require additional stone guards that add unnecessary weight to the caravan.
We fit all our vans with Vehicle Components Cruise Master Suspension. The coil suspension has 2 shock absorbers per wheel and ensures a smooth trouble free ride whether it be on the bitumen or the damaging corrugated dirt roads.
The Chassis used on Sunland Caravans is truly unique and one of our greatest achievements. In conjunction with engineers using aircraft and marine technology we were able to design and build an extremely strong yet light chassis. The development process took a number of years but was worth the wait. The completed chassis and composite floor have an engineer’s safety rating of over 7! The governing VSB 1 standard is a recommendation for an Off Road Caravan of 5.
Strength isn’t the only impressive feature of this chassis; it is also a lot lighter than traditional steel chassis’. The reduction in weight allows us to give you a much larger payload then most caravans on the market. Depending on the model grade and options fitted we can give you up to 1000kg payload. This will mean you can carry everything you require without concern of being overloaded.
Built on site many customers enjoy the ability to see how the chassis is built first hand. Hundreds of Sunland Caravan owners over the last few years have taken advantage of having their vans built on our unique chassis.
A testament to the strength and longevity of our chassis is that is comes with a 20 year warranty.